Huge Social Club Store Updates!

Huge Social Club Store Updates!

Have you checked out the Sorcery Social Club Store lately? Well if you haven't you might want to read on to check out all the exciting new entry options, bundles, and new products that are now available!

First up we have the limited edition Death's Door Tokens:

Next we have the Alan Pollack limited edition Raven t-shirt that comes with the Alan Pollack entry bundle or can be added/purchased separately

We've also added the incredible limited edition Deathspeaker T-Shirt by Tony Szczudlo, no Deathspeaker player is complete without one!

And lastly we have two new Social Club playmats that you'll be seeing on many of the side event tables at the Spring Sorcery Social available for purchase now including the "Baltimore Style" horizontal four player mat.

Want to learn more? Check out the video below to hear Ron talk all about these products and more or head on over to our shop and secure your limited edition Spring Sorcery Social gear and entry tickets now!